Living in Paris has been a huge change for me.  It has been an experience for sure, and obviously there are ups and downs.
Here are just some that I have brainstormed.

10 Things I love about living in Paris

  • My feet are my car.  This sounds weird, I know…but I love not having to worry about driving because everything is just a walk(or a walk and a metro) away!
  • Seeing the Eiffel Tower whenever I want…and not to mention, it sparkles! SPARKLES! Never gets old.
  • There is always something new to do.  This city never fails with unveiling new surprises around every corner: expo’s, concerts, new shops, parks, museums…
  • A fresh pain au chocolat in the morning. Or for lunch. Or for dinner. My favorite, flakey and buttery friend that also has specks of chocolate inside! To die for.
  • The beauty of the city.  I have never been to a more architecturally gorgeous place.  Every building has such charm.
  • Cheap, but still good wine.
  • Bread. I haven’t quite warmed up to the “French Cheese” scene, but fresh warm bread is available for 1 stinking Euro. Around almost every corner!!
  • Art. This city radiates with artistic talent.
  • The ease and ability to travel.  Everywhere we have gone has been just a backpack and a quick train or plane ride away.
  • This goes for any city really, but I love the diversity that Paris offers. It’s so different, and refreshing from what I am used to.

View from our balcony
10 Things I don’t like about living in Pairs

  • You can’t wear a t-shirt or sweatpants or anything of that genre out into public. Even if it’s just for a quick milk run down the street.  Trust me, I even get weird looks when I am wearing workout clothes on my way to run at the park.
  • The phrase,  “a quick load of laundry” does not exist.  Our washer/dryer takes all day for a load. Literally.
  • Stores & Restaurants don’t keep consistent hours or days.
  • Dogs poop on the sidewalks and nobody picks it up. (Back home, can't you get a fine for that??)
  • Some parks torture you by having the most beautiful, soft, green grass and then not allowing you to sit on it. I call this one Picnic Problems.There are, however exceptions! Parc Monceau
  • Maybe it’s just me, but the grocery stores have a strange smell to them. It is very distinct, yet I am starting to get more used to it.
  • Traffic.  I do not drive, however, the constant honking of cars, and the sometimes near death experiences with zooming motorcycles and scooters trying to get by can be unnerving.
  • Service is always slow.  Whether it be at a store or a café, the life here is just much more slowed down.  While this is nice, sometimes you just want to get in and out of a place, ya know?
Which leads me to:
  • Simple daily errands take all day to do.  That’s just the Parisian way.
  • Not knowing the language is ROUGH. And that’s an understatement. Even when I do speak in French, it is clearly obvious that I am not French and therefore, am treated differently. 

No matter where you live, there are going to be aspects you love and aspects you hate; so I just take one along with the other and never forget the blessing it is to be living in France!

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