The verdict is in, and I have decided on my favorite museum that I have visited in Paris.  While the list is long, and I have enjoyed all that I have ventured into ( even including my FIFTH time at the Louvre- which btw, is more than plenty of times), I had an epiphany while visiting the Rodin Museum.  

"This is what a museum should be like!"

-Not too large or overwhelming.
-Just the right amount of art and ambiance.
-While it is mostly a sculpture museum , there are a handful of beautiful paintings as well.
-The garden. Oh my goodness, the garden is magnificent.  Absolutely beautiful and well groomed. A pathway of trees on each side, with statues along the way, and then a fountain in the middle directly out from the museum. There is a cafe as well for snacks or a nice lunch.The garden in front of the museum is where you can find "The Thinker" along with many other statues and beds upon beds of roses. 

There aren't really words to describe how peaceful, intimate and gorgeous it is.

View from the back of the museum, from the garden.

"The Thinker" greeted you almost as soon as you got through the ticket line, seated off to the right inside the garden.  This is a larger cast of the original. 

A peek at some of the highlights.

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