All laughs and jokes aside, I really do appreciate the Paris Metro system and use it daily.  It is super time efficient and despite a first glance at the metro map and feeling insanely overwhelmed, like I did at first...It is honestly really easy to get the hang of! If ever traveling in Paris, I highly suggest it as a good means of travel!
Now, back to the main post....all the characters that find themselves using the metro....

1.  The crazy talker.
    There is always a person who seems borderline, if not totally unstable and crazy.  They are typically having a conversation(at a very loud decibel) WITH THEMSELVES.  Typical "crazy talker" behavior:  loudly talking, rambling, laughing, flailing around and swinging their arms.
Sometimes, I wonder if they are crazy, or just really drunk. lol

2.  The stare-devil.
Yes, this person is like a typical daredevil with their fearless ways and "I don't give a crap" attitude.  They will blatantly stare at you and anyone else they feel they want to without any hesitation or care.  Unlike a typical "starer", this type of metro stare-devil does not turn away when caught staring.  They continue to stare at whomever they want and will not break their trance unless they want to. I find this person both creepy and brave.

3.  The members of the human wall.
At times, the metro car is so crowded that you find yourself with no handle or wall to hold onto.  This is where the members of the human wall come into play.  These people act as a type of wall or place to balance yourself, and when the train comes to an abrupt halt, you can always count on these people to keep you from falling over.  If you are having a hard time picturing or understanding this one, take a gander at this photo and you will know what I mean....No possible way you will fall with the human wall in place. =)

4.  The cutter.
Obviously, we have all experienced line cutters our entire lives...but something about the metro line cutter just really peeves me.  We are all getting on the same train and going the same direction...pushing me to get in front of me and on the train first isn't really an advantage sir!(or ma'am).

5.  The good mannered gentleman.
This person will get up out of their seat and offer it to an elderly person, a pregnant lady or someone who is disabled.  I see this happen a lot where a man will give up his seat for ladies...very nice. Chivalry isn't dead after all!

6.  The loud phone talker.
Self explanatory. Annoying and Rude.

7.  The musician.
I would say every 2 out of 3 times I am on the metro there is someone playing some type of music in hopes to earn a tip or two.  Anything from the stereotypical accordion player to a saxophone, or a guitar..sometimes just people singing.  Not all are good. Not all are's just one of those things you can expect to encounter in Paris!

These are just a few of the ones that I really think stand out to me...
Joe Kirchner
7/12/2012 03:28:56 am

I LOOOOOOVe your description of the star-devil! Excellent job on the blog so far Kayla!

7/12/2012 07:27:55 pm

Thanks for stopping by Joe!

aunt cathy
7/12/2012 06:25:04 am

Every Metro/Subway system has their own oddities and definately their similiarities! Cities like Chicago, Atlanta, NY are not as friendly as good ole St Louis Metrolink.
Thanks for the take on the Paris mass transit...look forward to traveling in it someday!

7/12/2012 07:29:06 pm

I agree, Cath! Paris is definitely different than the STL...Much, MUCH better too might I add!

Valerie W
7/12/2012 06:41:15 am

LOL - you are so right. I will never forget one of my experiences involving a queen who was not at all feminine but dressed in a satin bustier, a lovely fur stoll, stillettos and lots of other fancy accoutrements. Anyway, unfortunately I don't know what she was saying loudly to all the riders but it started with "Mesdames et Messieurs" lots of chuckling ensued and after a couple minute-long speech she ended up with quite a few francs in her hat. I'm glad you are loving it. Cheers!

7/12/2012 07:30:56 pm

That sounds hilarious Valerie! There are always lots of "characters" when it comes to living in a big city, that's for sure!
Thanks for stopping by!


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