As it gets closer and closer to our flight home, (only 17 more days!!) it has been fun talking about all the things we have really missed and look forward to. 
Here are some that have come to mind:

  • Stores and restaurants being open on Sundays
  • A normal sized washer and dryer that actually will dry clothes
  • My entire wardrobe, rather than just a handful of it
  • Having a yard again
  • My kitchen, and all the appliances and trinkets that go with!
  • Sonic tots
  • English
  • English speaking friends and family
  • English speaking movies, tv, music...Ohhhhh the English!!!!
  • BUFFALO SAUCE. They are really missing out over here...
  • Driving- that will get super old fast
  • Grass
  • My loyal pup and my fluffy, fat cat
  • Family
  • Real beer..The French know wine, but beer...ehh
  • Dogs that don't poop on the sidewalk
  • Real margaritas
  • Peanut butter...and NO, Nutella is not a good substitute
  • Not feeling poor-Paris is expensive, man!
  • Being home for the holidays this year! Woooo!!
  • Having a cell phone again(even though I have learned to live without one)
  • Taco Bell. Crunchwrap Supreme me pleeeease!
  • Those free moments you get to yourself while waiting in road construction....wait, what am I saying???
  • Not having a cleaning lady again...ok, I think I might be going a bit crazy =)

In all actuality, there will be many things we will miss about living in Paris.  Our time here has been a great experience and journey that has really broadened our views and opinions.  We all know though, that there is no place like your home place..and that my friends, is where I look forward to being. Very, very soon. 


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