It seems crazy to me that it is still August and so many leaves are already on the ground! I am not complaining, as I love to smash around in the leaves... =) I have just had a hard time wrapping my head around it because the summer wasn't a typical "hot" summer like I am used to, and now suddenly it feels like fall!

Maybe the trees are just different here, who knows!  Here's a peek of Boulevard Hausmann all littered in crunchy brown leaves.

Happy Wednesday to ya'll and make sure to enjoy the seasons as they come...because before you even realize it..Poof. Gone.
That is certainly what happened to me, anyhow.

Marilyn Pyatt
8/22/2012 08:29:47 am

My Mother's favorite saying was that time waits on no one.

9/5/2012 05:16:53 pm

I like that saying Marilyn...really makes you appreciate each day.

8/28/2012 08:33:28 pm

Ok there are a lot of leaves there! We went home to Illinois in early August. It was super fun- karaoke at Steph's party was a big hit! Anyway - I was saying how much it already looked like fall there because of the drought they've had, I guess. But they did have the hot, hot summer! Fall is something I miss. L'autumne me marque. (<<I don't know - I've basically lost my french language skills) . Another surprising thing I remember is that it would still be light outside at like 10 pm there in gay ol Paree!

9/5/2012 05:18:56 pm

I wish I could have made it to that gathering! Sounded like a blast!
And yes, during the summer it was light out very late(loved it!) Now it is really starting to get darker much sooner..bleck. :/


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