First of all, I have been meaning to add this since the first week of August, because we truly did notice a HUGE difference in the city compared to normal.
We were told by friends that Paris in August is dead. That it's like a ghost town.  We expected it, but I guess we never realized how different this month could be than all the others.  Let me tell you, all those friends were right. Paris is so empty, dead, and quiet in August.  AND I LOVE IT!  Who knew such a busy, bustling city could have such a calming feel to it!  Why is Paris so calm, you might ask?  Well, because the French are AWESOME and most all Parisians take the entire month of August off for "holiday"(aka vacation).  It still amazes me how much the people here value their vacations...I mean most American's couldn't even fathom their employers giving them an entire month for vacation...unless however you are a teacher =).  Here though, it is just known, and expected almost. 

So there you have it, people here take the entire month to travel and leave Paris, all the while everyone else from around the world comes here to be tourists.  Oh, did I fail to mention that not ALL of Paris is calm in August.  But as long as you stay away from the touristy areas, it's a peaceful as the countryside. 

Here is some living proof of the awesomeness that is "owning a Paris shop/boutique/restaurant":
(And can I just say how much I love that some of these are hand written! It makes you realize how individually owned these businesses are.)
Whilst all the true Parisians are vacationing at the beach and other lovely places, I find myself truly enjoying the city in the summer.  Nice, quiet, and perfectly deserted.  I guess this proves that I am not meant to be a full time city girl. =)

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