You don't have to be a Frenchman(or woman) to appreciate the 14th of July in Paris!  The city is overflowing with happy people, things to do and see and ways to enjoy your day.  Here is a little peak at what we did to celebrate Bastille Day:

Military Parade in the morning. 
    Though this parade was very different from any typical parade I am used to from was still really cool.  There were no floats, no candy or beads being thrown out, but there was a sense of French patriotism and honor that made it all worthwhile.  The different sections of marching military groups chanting in perfect harmony and in step with one another was impressive to watch and interesting too!  And to start off the event, the massive crowds were presented with a very eye pleasing surprise.  The opening fly over was very patriotic with floods of blue and red smoke jetting out of the back.  Very neat.

Later on we found a nice spot and had a picnic filled with all the essential goodies:  champagne, strawberries, cheese, sausage,baguettes, chips, CHOCOLATE!

We enjoyed the weather and patiently waited for the firework show!


Post-firework fun. 
The last sparkle of the night, but the night had actually just begun!

This was definitely one of the most lively nights in Paris we have ever seen.....Huge crowds aren't normally my thing, but it honestly made it so much fun!  Cheers to a celebration well done, Paris! Cheers!
aunt cathy
7/15/2012 08:40:19 am

Oh fun! I asked your Momma a few weeks ago if you all were gonna celebrate..duh!(Of course you guys wouldn't miss that!) She wasn't sure. Then she did find out you both were going to enjoy the festivities and I ask her about the military parade...she wasn't sure if that was part of your glad it was! I was very curious about the "last sparkle of the night" pic. 2 of the girls with you look so so so familiar. The one closest to your left and the one closest to your right. Do we know these beauties or are these peeps you met while in Paris?

7/15/2012 05:56:30 pm

It was a great day! And actually, those are all new friends we made...the two you are talking about are interns for Eric's company and the other is an au pair for a family here. All awesome girls!


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