If you know my husband at all, you know he loves his yard.  He loves mowing. He loves weeding, seeding, watering, and any other thing that you may do to a yard.  (As you can assume, I think all of those tasks are awful, know little to nothing about them, and am thankful that he enjoys doing them.)  You see, we make a good team:  He makes our yard all beautiful and dandelion free, and I bring out a few cold ones and a book and sit and enjoy the wonderfulness, that is our yard. Seems about right, doesn't it? =)

Either way, the bottom line is we both enjoyed having a nice fenced in back yard at our home in St. Louis.  That was one thing we were extremely sad about leaving behind when we moved to Paris.  Who doesn't love grilling out, playing washers, relaxing in the hammock, and playing fetch with your dog?

While Eric's "yard work" fix hasn't been sufficed, we did however find comfort in a nearby park: Parc Monceau.  It isn't literally right out of our back door, but it is only a short walk away. It has come to be "our yard" when we feel the urge to go for a run, have a picnic, read a book outdoors, take comfort in the shade of a big old tree, or FEEL GRASS! (that's a rarity here folks!) 

It is by far the location where we spend our most "outdoor time" besides just walking the streets.  It is very versatile, where you can either people watch and be part of the bustle or find a little intimate nook for some peace and quiet.  I do know we will always think back to Parc Monceau long after we leave Paris, and think of it fondly.  It is a beautiful place filled with lots of character and lovely landscaping.  When our time here is done though, I (and the hubs alike) will be ready to trade back in the lovely park for our cozy back yard.
As you can tell, this park is like candy for the eyes. So many pretty things to look at!
KAY Winter
9/5/2012 10:45:18 am

Love this page! I think you should be a photographer! I cant wait till you guys get back and we can play Bags and washers in your back yard:}

9/5/2012 05:16:03 pm

I'm glad you like the pictures! =)


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